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Team Rosberg moves up into the top 15 of the ADAC GT Masters for the first time on the Red Bull Ring

The upward trend continues. At the third ADAC GT Masters racing weekend, Team Rosberg moved up into the top 15 for the first time thanks to the sudden onset of rain, obtaining the best result for the season so far.
After the first two instructive ADAC GT Masters racing weekends, Team Rosberg headed for the Red Bull Ring this past weekend. The racecourse, which reopened in 2011 after an extensive conversion, is located in the midst of Austria’s Steiermark region and drew around 12,000 spectators to the sports car spectacle in Spielberg. “We did a lot of analysing in the last few weeks, and now it’s time to put what we learned to use in the race,” team leader Arno Zensen said optimistically just a few days before.

All beginnings are difficult – not much luck on Saturday

Even during the training runs on Friday, the performances were considerably improved. But in qualifying on Saturday morning, Aaro Vainio (24, Finland) who was behind the wheel of the 500 HP Lamborghini Huracán GT3 did not manage to repeat this result. The young Finn was unable to complete the timed qualifying after ending up in the gravel. Jonathan Judek (Germany, 18) in the sister vehicle was confronted with strong competition again as well. In the end, the performances sufficed for starting positions 33 and 35.

Team spirit is very important to Team Rosberg. So it was no surprise that the entire team used the few hours between qualifying and the race to repair the damaged Lamborghini.
They headed for the race on the Austrian racecourse right on time on Saturday at noon. The last two starting rows were far from an ideal initial position for the race. Nevertheless the drivers did their best and kept up with the pack. “I learned a lot this weekend and took much away with me. It turns out that we have gotten faster. I am already looking forward to the weekend on the Nürburgring,” says Jonathan Judek. Shortly before crossing the finish line, Michele Beretta had to perform an avoidance manoeuvre and made contact with a sign, consequently damaging the Italian race car. The team pulled a night shift and got the Lamborghini back into optimum shape for the second day of racing.
In the top 15 for the rain race thanks to the racing strategy

Jimmy Eriksson (Sweden, 27) and Michele Beretta (Italy, 23) took starting positions 34 and 35 for the second race on Sunday morning. The times between positions six and 36 were all within 0.9 seconds – once more indicating the high level of this series.

Dark clouds started to gather during the starting line-up and Team Rosberg prepared for a pending tyre changeover in the pit. The expected rain began just a few laps into the race. Jimmy Eriksson got off to a good start and had some fair duels in the race. But with the onset of rain, the track became increasingly slippery. Jimmy was turned all the way around once in contact with a competitor, which is why the team decided on a pit stop with tyre changeover. “Unfortunately I made contact with the Audi and had to go back sooner than planned. That cost us some time.” This time was noticeable in the end when the duo of Judek/Eriksson ultimately crossed the finish line, only taking 31st place.

The pit stop tactic worked for Vainio/Beretta on the other hand. Notwithstanding the heavy rain, Beretta stayed on the track with dry condition tyres and only headed for the pit at the mandatory time. While many other teams pursued the tactic of switching to rain tyres quickly and then changing drivers, Rosberg saved a stop, catapulting them to eleventh place. Ultimately Aaro Vainio was able to bring the Rosberg Lamborghini over the finish line in position 15. “The weekend went really well,” says the Italian Michele Beretta. “Naturally we still have work to do, but we did take a major leap forward.” Teammate Aaro Vainio agrees: “I really enjoyed the race on Sunday. The strategy was perfect. Everyone did a good job and I would like to thank the team again for the additional repairs. The work paid off in the end.”
Team leader Arno Zensen: “We were able to close a big gap and want to continue this upward trend.”

Team Rosberg earned its first laurels during the weekend on Red Bull Ring. Now they want to build on that progress. Team leader Arno Zensen comments: “We were able to close a big gap and continue an upward trend, naturally we can follow that. The race on Sunday was great. We got the most out of it with the right strategy. Placing in the top 15 is motivation for the entire team and the drivers. I am confident that we will be able to continue this success on the Nürburgring.”

After the race in Most, Team Rosberg will have a six-week break from the GT. The third round of the ADAC GT Masters starts in June at the Red Bull Ring (June 6-8).